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    131803 - Masters Session 6 (Nov & Dec)

    Enjoy the physical and social benefits of friendly competition in this instructor led program. Workouts are designed for the beginner swimmer to the competitive level.

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    Read Notice131803-2Morning Masters Session 6 (Nov & Dec)Meadows Park Pool11/01/21- 12/29/21M, W, F 5:30A- 7:00ANot AvailableItem Details

    231802 - Masters Session 1 (Jan & Feb)

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    Read Notice231802-1Morning Masters Session 1 (Jan & Feb)Meadows Park Pool01/03/22- 02/28/22M, W, F 5:30A- 7:00ANot AvailableItem Details

    231803 - Masters Session 2 (March & April)

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    Read Notice231803-1Morning Masters Session 2 (March & April)Meadows Park Pool03/02/22- 04/29/22M, W, F 5:30A- 7:00ANot AvailableItem Details

    234810 - Swim Center Birthday Party

    Swim Center Birthday Party

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    Read Notice234810-3PSc - Birthday PartySwim Center03/27/22- 03/27/22Su 2:00P- 4:00PNot AvailableItem Details
    Read Notice234810-4BSc - Birthday PartySwim Center04/03/22- 04/03/22Su 2:00P- 4:00PNot AvailableItem Details

    301001 - COBRA Youth Flag Football

    COBRA Youth Flag Football program is a non-competitive, instructional program for the 6-7 & 8-9 year old divisions.The 10-12 year old division will play at a more competitive level. Each player will have the opportunity to play all positions and will learn how to throw, run and catch a football.

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    Add to Cart301001-A2Youth Flag FootballSand Pine Park08/15/22- 10/22/22M-Sa 8:30A- 12:30PAvailableItem Details

    302004 - Softball-Adult

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    Read Notice302004-A1Adult Softball MSpanish Riv Ath Fiel09/12/22- 12/12/22M 6:30P- 11:00PNot AvailableItem Details
    Read Notice302004-B1Adult Softball TueSpanish Riv Ath Fiel09/06/22- 12/13/22Tu 6:30P- 11:00PNot AvailableItem Details
    Read Notice302004-C1Adult Softball WSpanish Riv Ath Fiel09/07/22- 12/14/22W 6:30P- 11:00PNot AvailableItem Details
    Read Notice302004-D1Adult Softball ThSpanish Riv Ath Fiel09/08/22- 12/15/22Th 6:30P- 11:00PNot AvailableItem Details
    Read Notice302004-E1Adult Softball FSpanish Riv Ath Fiel09/09/22- 12/16/22F 6:30P- 11:00PNot AvailableItem Details

    302013 - Flag Football-Adult

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    Read Notice302013-A1Flag Football-AdultSpanish Riv Ath Fiel07/10/22- 10/09/22Su 8:30A- 2:30PFullItem Details

    302050 - Sand Turtles Volleyball

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    Add to Cart302050-A3Sand VolleyballMeadows Park-Athlet.06/21/22- 07/14/22Tu, Th 6:45P- 8:00PAvailableItem Details
    Add to Cart302050-A4Sand Turtles Interm.Hillsboro El Rio Pk06/20/22- 07/18/22M, W 6:30P- 7:45PAvailableItem Details

    302999 - Background Checks

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    Read Notice302999-A1Background Check Lv1Background Checks05/01/19- 08/31/19M-Su12:00A- 12:00ANot AvailableItem Details
    Read Notice302999-A2Background Check Lv2Background Checks05/01/18- 08/31/18M-Su12:00A- 12:00ANot AvailableItem Details

    303068 - Rhythmic Gym Summer Program

    This class is specially designed for females. Extremely popular in Europe and is a fascinating combination of ballet, acrobatics and theatrical prop handling. It's oriented toward developing grace, smoothness and connection with music. Rhythmic Gymnastics involves two kinds of techniques; body movement and apparatus handling. In this class children will learn the basic techniques with rope, hoop, ball and ribbon, while improving their balance, flexibility, strength, and hand-eye coordination. This class is structured to enhance overall self-confidence. Registration begins two weeks prior to start date.

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    Add to Cart303068-A7RG Summer Program 4 Half DaysSugar Sand Park07/05/22- 07/08/22Tu-F10:00A- 1:00PAvailableItem Details
    Add to Cart303068-A8RG Summer Program 4 Full DaySugar Sand Park07/05/22- 07/08/22Tu-F10:00A- 4:00PAvailableItem Details
    Add to Cart303068-B1RG Summer Program Full DaySugar Sand Park07/11/22- 07/15/22M-F10:00A- 4:00PAvailableItem Details
    Add to Cart303068-B2RG Summer Program Half DaySugar Sand Park07/11/22- 07/15/22M-F10:00A- 1:00PAvailableItem Details

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