Facility Details for Shelter 2 @ PR Community Center

Comments:  Can Be Combined With Shelters 1 & 3. Has Water And Electricity. Adjacent To Meadow. Bounce Houses And Rides Permitted.Can Be Used For Special Events provided all insurances and permits are completed. Pavilion #2 has 2 large 10-seater tables within the pavilion with 1 large grill, 1 small 5-seater table surrounding the pavilion with 1 small grill. It also has 2 electrical sockets, 2 lights, and a water tap. It has no water fountain. It has grass and surrounding trees to the side and back. Lights.
Location:  Patch Reef Park-Community Cent
2000 NW 51ST ST
Max Capacity:  40
Monday Hours:  8:00A - 10:30P
Tuesday Hours:  8:00A - 10:30P
Wednesday Hours:  8:00A - 10:30P
Thursday Hours:  8:00A - 10:30P
Friday Hours:  8:00A - 10:30P
Saturday Hours:  8:00A - 10:30P
Sunday Hours:  8:00A - 7:30P
Maximum days in advance facility can be reserved: 90.